Pooja Dawra

Life Coach
Leadership Coach
Wellbeing Coach

"Just like a spark in the eyes of a new born, we are all born with it." ~ Pooja

With over two decades of practice as a talent management professional in global Organization and a Leadership Coach, she feels fortunate to have found her true calling in being of service to the planet by enabling people and organizations to realize their true potential.

Coaching has not only transformed the lives of others but has also helped her realize her true being.

Drawing on her coaching and corporate leadership experiences, she has conceptualized and launched a unique offering DISCOVER, DREAM, DESIGN to empower her fellow beings to live their highest best life.

As a Professional accredited Coach by International coaching Federation, Faculty and Coach Mentor Pooja has coached numerous leaders from Fortune 500 companies across the globe and chairs the position of a director at TPC Leadership, a global leadership consulting firm and State President, Women's Coaching Council, WICCI.

Deeply interested in universal laws of existence and Transpersonal Psychology.

Pooja has co-authored books and created and delivered various online and offline coaching workshops

She draws inspiration from her mother and mentors like Oprah Winfrey, Rumi, Louise Hay, Abraham Hicks.

Joyful mother of two lovely girls and one furry. She loves travelling, walking in nature Connecting with soil, grass, flowers, leaves, trees, sky, stars, moon.

 Last but not the least her Attitude of Gratitude deeply reflects in her work and interactions.



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